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dead community!
contagiousecho wrote in heartgreenhair
i have run into a delimma, fellow green haired friends! i cannot find my color (special effects iguana green) anywhere and the dyes i have tried i dont like. what brands do you recommend?

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Manic Panic's "Green Envy" turned out similar in color to Iguana for me, but washes out a bit faster. The pictures they have one the site don't look so hot though. Here's what it looked like on me:

you can get special effects online at it's $10 a bottle now i think, they're very friendly and it ships pretty quick.

i had iguana green hair for about a year, then switched to deep purple like 5 months ago. the purple has basically not faded at all, whereas the green faded to 1/2 brightness within 2-3 months at longest... but i miss the green... :'( alas my hair just didn't hold it as well...

but if iguana green's working for you by all means keep using special effects! it's great stuff. keep being green for me :)

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