Special Effects Green Dye
I'm thinking of dying my hair green again and i've heard some good things about Special Effects hair dye.

Cos i've never used it before tho, I don't know which green to get and which comes out the brightest.

Has anyone used the Special Effects green dyes before and could recommened either using the Sonic green, Limelight or Iguana green? Or maybe have some piccies too?


~*~Go Green!~*~
I just found this community since I wanted to see if there was one dedicated to green hair

here's a few pics underneathCollapse )

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hey, i've never introduced myself - so hi! i dyed my hair green last year. my friend jokingly suggested it and then i did it. she kicked herself. so here's a pic
hope you like

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Special Effects Pictures Wanted...
Hi - I am looking for some pictures of Special Effects Hair Dye.
I own a website selling special effects hair dyes and punk/gothic items and desp need photos of most SFX hair colour results. If we use your phote you can get FREE delivery in the UK (if outside UK I can do you discount on most things on the site).

Sorry if this seems like advertising, but I desp need results photos (got lots of pink in gallery but not much else so far) I wont use this message as advertising so if you are sending pic you can get contact details from my info.

Site gets over 1000 hits a week which is not bad for only 3 months old, so if your proud of your hair and like to show-off a bit I can't guarantee instant fame lol, but lots of people would get to see you.


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Hey! My name's Melissa, obviously I'm new here ;] um...I have some bleach and manic panic's Electric Lizard.

First off, I have a picture of my hairs under the cut...I would like some opinions on how to do it. I  don't wanna do my whole head, just some streaks. And second, how would electric lizard come out? Is it really bright or is it like ...well the only thing I can think of to describe it is like booger green? lol nasty.

Thanks for any comments! buh bye


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beep beep

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thanks _patronsaint // lucas
Hello. I'm new to this community and I love green hair. I will soon have green hair.

I just wanted to ask some opinions. My hair currently looks like thisthisCollapse ) I wasn't sure if I should full out dye it green or do something like streaks or something different. Any ideas?

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Welcome Welcome

Hello there my fellow green hair lovers.

I was looking through my lj communities and relized that this one was just sitting there. I was going to delete it but then I looked at it and relized that there was three members of this community that I was not aware of. Sorry about the slow start. I have changed the layout and plan to work next on the community info page.

Some things about me, your mod:
I myself had green hair [i plan to post some pics soon].
I adore the color green.

If anymore questions arise go look at my info page or journal.

Much love,
your mod


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