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SFX & Manic Panic Photos...
beeunique wrote in heartgreenhair
......a while back we asked people to send us their Special Effects pics for our gallery and many thanks to all those who did - we now have a great gallery with over 250 photos and more being added weekly.

We've just added Manic Panic dyes to the site and again are on the hunt for photos to add to the Gallery - just email us the pic, send us a link and we'll copy it to our server or post pic here - also let us know if you would like us to credit the picture to you or not (and also which name you'd like it credited to - real or alias).

The pics are great for people who want to buy dyes but its also handy for people who are curious about the colour results or looking for style idea etc.

We still accept Special Effects pics so if you have any of them or even a mix of the two colours feel free to send them too.


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